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🎙️ We are a Rock Band that combines Music with Cinema: The Voice that comes from Hell, The Power of Sound, The Ruthless Lyrics and The Energy of Images!!

⚔ Our songs are about people DEEPER PROBLEMS – We all have SECRETS that hurt! Singing of them and sharing is a way to relief

💥 We tell True Stories on topics that humiliate. For losers. For lost people. Don’t be ashamed to lose, NO ONE CAN ALWAYS WIN!


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The Eye
The Wizard

Kill The Beast Band Story

Once upon a time, there was a child
who was used to fight to survive.
He grew in a suburb of a big city
living struggles and streets
but also woods, skies and seas.
He has always written songs, to free his stifled soud and he never stopped.
Become a man, his life is almost the same,
many dead around him,
the young too young, and the old not enough old,
and still in the wish to be really free.
But this is a quite common sad story
apart that this man has decided to tell stories to the world.

He has always been called, “WOLF”

One day in a hole full of light he met a strange guy.Blue sky eye, he is able to see behind the life. He is a vagabond, able to paint the unseen, the energy of the matter and the vibrations of the system mechanisms hidden to the rest.
It has been enough a glance and even if in the mess he started to work on his new task…programming the web
for his band.

He is the painter of what there is behind, not perceived by the sight, he is…”THE EYE”.

At a certain point, in a cold and misty place, it heard a strong wave striking the air.
The player was born under the stages and he grew alone but not sad at all.
Following a travelling company he was bewitched by a jazz orchestra and from that time he started to study the seven notes day and night.
Like the bats he wakes up with the stars and he works with the moon’s flash.

He loves to fly among the clouds and when he is on the ground he is the “WIZARD” of the sound.

During the day they work to survive, during the night they create to remain alive, The Kill The Beast Band is arrived.
Stay with us, share your soul, you are not alone anymore.

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